Dear skiers, from the Ski School of La Molina, we want to give you some small tips to prepare the next season for skiing in La Molina.


First of all, we have to keep in mind that our skiing is a recreational kind of skiing in La Molina. We want to be able to spend a full day without suffering from fatigue and in a healthy way, so we will have to do a couple of small physical preparations that adapt to these two variables. So, let’s review them off so we can realize them off tracks.


For the first one, we have to analyze what kind of activity we want to do. The vast majority of skiers are on slopes for 5-7 hours, but they are not always skiing (due to stops, skilift, queues, breaks…). Also, we do not always ski at the same intensity or at the same level.


Thus, any work done outside skiing in La Molina, which improves our resistance, will be beneficial: we recommend activities that have breaks and rhythm changes, such as team sports, tennis, guided classroom lessons, etc. or simply alternate between different modalities followed at different intensities. What we’re basically saying is that we do not seek to run 10km in a given time.


As for the second, we have to minimize the risk of injury while skiing in La Molina, depending on us.


Of the 4 basic physical abilities, strength, is the one that participates most in our discipline, but the strength we need is a complex type of force. Skiing is a sport full of terrain irregularities, changes of direction, postural changes and instabilities; our muscles and joints have to be minimally prepared for these situations.


On the other hand, skiing in La Molina predominates circular movements and rotations (we trace turning and our body rotates to make them). And as for body segments, the order of importance we will go from low to high (legs, trunk and arms).


So, with all this, we will try to do a proper strength job. We will avoid classic gym strength exercises and change them for more dynamic works such as unstable, proprioceptive, pilates, balances, fitball, etc. with the aim of having a musculature that knows how to react to any obstacle and that adapts to all of the of movements that we perform during skiing in La Molina.


And remember, that without adequate hydration and minimal stretching, we will not have an effective musculature.


With all these tips, we wish you to be healthy and a good skiing!


Álvaro Lloris Herrera. Professor of the Ski School in La Molina and a degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences.